WordPress Admin Themes

by AG Custom Admin plugin

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What is AG Custom Admin?

AG Custom Admin is WordPress plugin used for customizing WordPress admin interface.(More info...)

What are AG Custom Admin Themes?

AGCA themes is a feature inside AG Custom Admin plugin that can be used for installing additional themes for WordPress admin panel. This site is created in order to get more information and support about AGCA themes in a easy way.

What is Free AG Custom Admin Theme?

You can install free themes directly to your WordPress admin panel with no charge. Support for free themes is limited, and can choose to stop supporting them at any time. However, if you have it already installed, you can keep using it without support, until you uninstall it from your site.

What is Commercial AG Custom Admin Theme?

To use and install commercial theme, you will need to buy it first. Commercial themes are available for at least one year from the date you buy it. Support for commercial theme is limited to one year. After this period ends, you would need to buy another license to extend using of your theme to one more year. However, if you have installed commercial theme that was expired, you can keep using it but support/updates/advanced management for it will not be available anymore. If your license key is expired, you will not be able to install a theme on a site, even you have some unused activations.


What is License Key?

When you buy a theme, you will get a license key that can be used for installing that theme on your site. License key can be also used for advanced theme management (theme settings - if they are available on that theme) and also for accessing support tickets and user's dashboard on our site. Be sure to keep your license key safe and not to share it with anyone else.

Free themes can be installed without license key.

What is Activation?

Activation is installing a theme on one site (activating a theme on site) with specific license key. Once you have installed a theme on a site with specific license key, one activation is spent. One license can have limited amount of activations, so that means you can install a theme on limited number of sites with one license key. When you're buying a license (theme) on our site, please make sure to know number of activations available for that license key. Please be aware that even installing the theme on test sites (like on localhost) counts. For each bought theme you will get at least 3 activations, so you can install your theme on dev, test and production environment. Activation per site per license key counts only once per license key lifetime, so you are free to re-install whole site completely, and the next time you install the same theme on the same site with the same license key, activation will not be spent.

Free themes can be installed on any number of sites without license key.

If I Uninstall a Theme from My Site, Will I Get My Activation Back?

No. Once you activate a theme on specific site with specific license key, it will remain activated until your license expires. So, you are free to uninstall the theme or even uninstall the whole site, but we will still keep information about your activation. The next time you try to install the same theme on the same site with the same license key, previous activation will be used again, without spending new activation.

Installing and Deploying

How Can I Install an AGCA Theme to My Site?

You need to download AG Custom Admin plugin first, from WordPress.org site. After that go to Tools -> AG Custom Admin and choose Admin Themes tab. Available themes will show up, and you can choose to buy/install the themes directly from your WordPress admin panel.


How Can I Deactivate Installed Theme?

To deactivate current theme go to Tools -> AG Custom Admin -> Admin Themes tab, and click on deactivate theme button. You can also scroll down to the bottom of this page, and you will find "Deactivate Current Theme" link.

When I Deactivate Theme, is it Uninstalled too?

No. Theme is still installed on your site, and it's only deactivated. To activate it again choose it from the list of installed or available themes.

How can I Uninstall a Theme Completely from My Site?

You can choose only to deactivate current theme from your site. If you need to uninstall a theme completely from your site, the only way is to uninstall all installed themes on your site. To do that go to Tools -> AG Custom Admin -> Admin Themes and scroll to bottom. Click on "Remove All Themes" link. After that, all themes will be removed from your site.

If anything goes wrong, you can always choose to deactivate/uninstall AG Custom Admin completely, and all customizations will disappear with it.


Theme management feature does not work?

If you got an error message, please try again later. If error message still appears, please contact us with details about your error message.

If you get an unexpected message, or something looks very awkward, you can try to debug that error and send us error logs. To record error logs please follow these steps.

Recording logs

If you have some errors on your page when using AGCA Themes, or if AGCA theme menager does not work correctly, please follow these steps:

  • Open ag-custom-admin/plugin.php
  • Change $agca_debug value from "false" to "true"
  • Open browsers console (developer tools or FireBug is recommended)
  • Open AG Custom Admin Themes page
  • Wait for page to load or show errors
  • Copy errors from console and send them to us.
  • We will give our best to reach back to you as soon as possible.