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AG Custom Admin Themes

Welcome to AG Custom Admin Themes site. Here you can find more information about AGCA themes. So, let's get started!

What is AG Custom Admin Theme?

AGCA theme is used in combination with AG Custom Admin plugin, to improve user's visual experience of WordPress admin panel. You can choose one of our free or commercial themes. If you choose free theme, you can install it directly from AG Custom Admin plugin.

Installing and Deploying

To install AGCA theme, you would need to install AG Custom Admin plugin first. You can download it from WordPress.org site. Please check AG Custom Admin page on WordPress.org for more information.

To install AGCA theme, please open AG Custom Admin settings page, and navigate to "Themes" tab. Latest themes should be loaded on the page.
To install free theme just choose a theme, and click on Install button.
To install commercial theme, you would need to buy it first. Please go to themes page and choose your theme. Choose a theme plan, if available and press "Buy" button. You will be redirected to Paypal where you can finalize your order.

When you finished buying a theme, you will get an email with activation key for that theme. You can use that activation key in AG Custom Admin to install the theme on your site.

You can use your activation key to install the theme on multiple sites, in regards to the plan which you've chosen in your order. There is a limited number of sites where you can install your theme(number of sites = number of activations in your plan).

To check current status and of your activation key, and information like expiration date and number of left activations, please check License Overview page.

Theme Updates

Theme updates are available for both free and commercial themes. Theme updates are free of charge. Updates are mainly contain bug fixes and support for latest WordPress releases. Updates for commercial themes might contain additional features and more advanced improvements as well. You can check Changelog page of the theme for more information about updates.

Theme updates for commercial themes are available for one year from your order date. After this period of time, you can keep using your current theme but with some limitations. Your expired activation key cannot be used any more for theme updates or support tickets. You can buy another license on our site, or you can keep using your current theme until you face some problems, or even you can keep it with an older WordPress release.

Theme Lifetime

Themes can have limited lifetime. When you install free theme, it is possible that some day we decide to remove it from our database. In that case, you can still keep using it on all your sites, but you will not be able to install it on new sites.

Lifetime of commercial themes is one year, from the date you make your purchase. After the end of this period, you can still keep using your theme on your site(s), but theme updates will not be available any more. To keep using your theme with updates, you will need to buy another license. (More...)

WordPress Support

To use AGCA Themes, you will need at least WordPress 3.8 or later. If AGCA themes management feature was supported before on your WordPress site, and now this feature is disabled, you would need to update your WordPress and/or AG Custom Admin, in order to keep using AGCA themes management panel.

Browser Support

We recommend using latest browsers for plugin management. This include IE9 or later, FireFox 24.0 or later, Chrome 29.0 or later.

For using AGCA themes enabled sites we recommend using latest browsers, even some older browsers can be used like IE8. Older browsers like IE7 or IE6 are not supported for possible security and display issues.

In case of possible problems, we strongly recommend updating your browser to the latest one.


For any problems/suggestions/critics we are here to help you via our support tickets (commercial themes only) system, our support page or even our contact page.

If you have commercial theme, the fastest way to get an answer is via our support ticketing system. For free themes, we recommend using our contact page. We will try to respond you as soon as possible. Usually it is under 48 hours. Commercial theme related questions submitted via support tickets have priority.

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