AG Custom Admin


AG Custom Admin is all-in-one tool for WordPress admin panel customization. It’s specialized for customizing admin panel, login page, admin bar, admin footer, admin menu, changing dashboard colors and admin panel branding with custom data, text and images.

Available options:

Admin Bar Options

  • Hide admin bar completely
  • Hide admin bar on front end
  • Change admin bar logo and link
  • Hide admin bar WordPress logo
  • Add custom image in admin header
  • Add custom admin bar logo
  • Hide admin bar dropdown menus
  • Hide “New” dropdown items
  • Hide comments from admin bar
  • Hide updates from admin bar
  • Hide WordPress update notification bar
  • Hide default blog heading in admin bar
  • Change admin bar heading text
  • Hide Screen Options menu
  • Hide Help menu
  • Hide Favorite Actions
  • Change/remove Howdy text
  • Change Log out text
  • Log out button only


Admin Footer Options

  • Hide footer completely
  • Change/remove footer text
  • Change/remove footer version text


Dashboard Page Options

  • Hide Dashboard heading icon
  • Change Dashboard heading text
  • Add custom Dashboard content
  • Hide dashboard widgets


Login Page Options

  • Hide back to blog completely
  • Change login image
  • Change hyperlink on login image
  • Hide login image
  • Round corners on login boxes
  • Hide register and lost password links
  • Change hyperlink on register button


Admin Menu Options

  • Rename menu and submenu items
  • Remove menu and submenu items
  • Add new buttons with custom links
  • Remove icons from admin menu buttons
  • Remove spaces between admin menu buttons
  • Remove admin menu arrow on rollower
  • Round admin submenu popups
  • Add custom branding image above the admin menu
  • Add custom link to branding image
  • Admin menu auto-folding options for mobile devices




  • Change background and text colors on admin and login page
  • Change admin menu colors
  • Change widget colors



  • Add custom CSS
  • Add custom JavaScript
  • Export/import customization settings


  • Predefined admin panel themes available on demand
WordPress admin panel themes by AG Custom Admin


This is not the full list of all options. For full experience of all options we recommend downloading AG Custom Admin that is absolutely free!