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AG Custom Admin Themes

AG Custom Admin is plugin for WordPress specialized for WordPress admin panel customization. With this plugin you can change default WordPress admin look, by changing/removing items in admin panel. Click HERE for more info about AG Custom Admin plugin.

WordPress admin panel themes management in AG Custom Admin panel

Installing AG Custom Admin plugin

AG Custom Admin Themes are additional parts of AG Custom Admin plugin that can be downloaded and installed directly from AG Custom Admin dashboard. You can install this plugin:

  • 1) Manualy from WordPress.org:
    – go to plugin page on WordPress.org repository
    – click Download
    – extract downloaded file to some folder
    – upload extracted folder to [your-site]/wp-content/plugins directory

  • 2) Automatically within WordPress site:
    – log in to your admin panel
    – go to Plugins -> Add New
    – type “ag custom admin” in search box
    – click Search Plugins
    – click Install next to AG Custom Admin plugin.


Installing WordPress Admin Theme

Once you have plugin installed, go to Themes management page of AG Custom Admin plugin:

– log in to admin panel
– go to Tools -> AG Custom Admin -> Themes tab
– wait few moment for themes to load

Now just choose your favorite WordPres Admin Theme and enjoy in new WordPress admin styles!

Sample Free WordPress Admin Themes

Orange Juice

Make your WordPress dashboard to look like an orange.


This theme contains the styles of the previous theming of AG Custom Admin plugin

WordPress admin theme – AGCA

If you like UI styles in AG Custom Admin, you would love it in your WordPress admin panel too!


Apply this theme and your WordPress admin dashboard will look like a fresh delicious lemonade!

WordPress admin theme – Lemonade

Black Shades

Great elegant theme that can be used for serious business.
WordPress admin theme – Black Shades
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