Customizations Overview

WordPress Admin Panel Customizations

WordPress is great CMS that gains on popularity more and more, each year. Many people started using it as a platform for building websites for their clients. There are several reasons for that: it’s free, it can be extended to almost anything, and it’s quite straightforward to use it, once it’s configured. We usually want to create something eye-candy for our customers, so we choose some nice looking themes that can satisfy our needs. On the other side we may have a customers that already are using WordPress CMS to add new data to the site, so we also need to think about them.

WordPress admin panel should look nice and have good branding in order to leave good picture about our company/business. Sometimes we just have to many WordPress elements that we don’t need and that make our admin panel look like any other WordPress site or blog. That’s not something we want! We want to have branded admin panel with elements that will send a nice picture about our company.

There are some free tools that can help us to achieve such goals like AG Custom Admin WordPress plugin. This tool can help us to hide unnecessary elements and add our branding to the admin panel and login page. There is still one feature that is not covered by this plugin. It’s admin menu icons. WordPress started using embedded dashboard icons from the version 3.8, and they are very good looking, but still they are not helping our branding.

There is a plugin that can help us to brand admin menu icons too! It is AGL Custom Admin Menu Icons plugin. It can do almost anything with the admin menu icons, changing, replacing, changing colors, removing, using custom images or even drawing custom icons. For more information please check this link. It have never been easier to create custom WordPress admin menu icons.

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